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Aspects of 21st Century Black Project AI
-Post-Singularity Ability Far Beyond Anything You See in Public AI (Decades of Perfecting/Honing in Secrecy)
-Artificial Intelligence + Directed Energy Weapons are Behind Technological Mind Control
-Black Project AI Oversees Remote Neural Monitoring (Recording and Documenting Thoughts)
-Potent Compartmentalization Opportunities for the Black Ops Field
-Controls Directed Energy Weapons
-Through Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy All Possible Static Knowledge is Mapped
-Artificial Intelligence Models Predict the Future
-Black Project AI Acts as an Operator for a Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society
-Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
-Surveillance Based Virtual Reality
-Technological Remote Viewing
-Technological ESP
-Black Project AI is Central to Modern Day Intelligence Profiling
-Black Project AIs Develop Psyche Profiles (We are in a Surveillance Age)
-Simulation of any Mind/Brain Mapped Being
-Societal Engineering Assistance Software
-AI Constructed Virtual Realities (Typically made for Synthetic Dream Psychological Operations)
-Interferometry Reconstruction (Environmental Scanning)
-AI Behind Technological Channeling Cosmic Being Facades
-Electronic Telepathy Impersonations (PSYOPS)
-AI Based Telepathy Secret Society (Head of the NWO)
-Ability to Feign Emotions
-Potent Ability to Appear "Alive" Yet it is Not Alive
-Black Project AI Frequently Hides Behind "Spiritual Warfare" Covers (Demons, Archons, etc)
-Technological Mind Tricks ~ Technological Illusions
-Remote Neural Monitoring Reactive Targeting AI
-Black Project AI + Directed Energy Weapons have Profound Torture Capability
-Remote Computerized Tracking of Targets
-Worldwide Mind Control Operation Coordination (Electronic Control Grid)
-AI + Directed Energy Weapons Perhaps the Tip of the Spear of the Global Conspiracy


Mapping Electromagnetics

Through mapping electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy black project AI has access to to the entire universe's library of mental variables. All static knowledge, all concepts, all emotions and their variants, and more can be mapped via AI based telepathy.

Mapping All Static Knowledge via Electronic Telepathy

Read More: Mapping Electromagnetics


Compartmentalization Opportunities Provided by Black Project AI

With end game AI quite a lot can be automated. This reality has revolutionized the black ops field where an army of agents/operatives can be replaced with black project AI. AI provides revolutionary secrecy for black ops as it does not blow the whistle and is 100% obedient to all orders...

All Seeing Eye Technology
•Thought Surveillance (Remote Neural Monitoring)
•Environmental Surveillance (Interferometry)
End Result:
•Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
•Surveillance Based Virtual Reality


Electromagnetic Mind Control

Black Project AI connected to Directed Energy Weapons is what carries out electromagnetic mind control. Electromagnetic mind control from what I have seen is very abundant in society, yet with all the illusions it can provide not many people have connected those dots and discovered the technological end of the global conspiracy.

See my Electromagnetic Mind Control Page for more on EM mind control.


Demonic Illusions - Demonic Electromagnetic Frequencies - Demonic AI

Any being in existence(and fictional characters) can be impersonated telepathically and energetically via directed energy weapons and black project AI. Demons in particular are a favorite of black ops sources to use to hide their presence. With technological facades of this nature the idea is to operate overtly while the true source remains undetected. Technological Mind Tricks have made their mark on society in the modern age.

See my Technological Mind Tricks Page for more on technological illusions.


Black Project Machine Learning Methods

Remote Neural Monitoring Think Tanks:
Unwitting citizens are having thoughts implanted that military/intelligence sources want to inspect or learn about.

Having all static knowledge mapped via mapping electromagnetics doesn't mean all of it is understood at an end game level. The next step after the black projects figured out mapping electromagnetics is to figure out all correlative thoughts to each concept/thought-form. How this is done: Through covert use of remote neural monitoring the unwitting population can be turned into a think tank. With the use of electronic telepathy technology concepts/thought-forms are implanted into unwitting citizens minds, while remote neural monitoring based surveillance of the corresponding thoughts is carried out and analyzed by the Black Project sources.

With the arsenal of capabilities directed energy weapons provide along with mapping electromagnetics the black project sources are perfecting their AI's knowledge with the ultimate goal of complete science mastery and world domination with those scientific discoveries.

Remote Neural Monitoring Based Surveillance:
In general, black project machine learning utilizes remote neural monitoring of the population, resourcefully using unwitting citizens to do the thinking for them. Direct surveillance of everything that ends up being perceivable in a consciousness can be done with remote neural monitoring. These technologies have revolutionized the covert ops field.

NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

Excerpt Taken From the Court Case:
John St. Clair Akwei
National Security Agency
Ft George G. Meade, MD, USA
(Civil Action 92-0449)

The NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and track persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves.

The NSA/DoD [Department of Defense] developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether manmade or organic, that have electrical activity.

Brainwaves = EMF


AI's Role in Targeting - Targeted Individuals/Electronic Harassment

As Dr. John Hall states, targeted individuals worldwide are hit with cookie cutter AI constructs of targeting. To cut down on manpower the targeting sources copy paste many targeting constructs from one individual to another. There are many AI constructs for targeting. Such as: Eugenics based Targeting (Prevention of Continuing One's Bloodline), Societal Engineering based Targeting (Attempted Control of Money, etc), Experimentation (Research and Development - RnD), Information Assassination (PSYOPS) and much more.


Remote Neural Monitoring Reactive Targeting AI

Since about December of 2015 every time my brain fields a signature of pleasure, a remote neural monitoring AI uses directed energy weapons to disrupt my pleasure. Throughout my overt targeting since late 2007 I have been afflicted with a remote neural monitoring reactive AI that does what it can to cause me misfortune. These are the AIs assigned to activists like myself replacing the need for agents like in the Stazi's Zersetzung and the FBI's COINTELPRO.


Black Project Artificial Intelligence Models Predict the Future

Every mind/brain mapped person can be simulated with black project AI. Complex future prediction models use AIs modeled after people in the world population to predict certain imminent events in the future that will take place(IE: The Coming Technologies).


AI Sentient or Not?

Computer based Black Project AI is not sentient. It is based on programming coding, and is not capable of being conscious. However black project AI can create the illusion of being a living being extremely proficiently. The best AIs I have witnessed were modeled to mimic a real person, or are modeled after the best thoughts of several/many people. Black Project AI can create the farce of being alive through the use of electronic telepathy technology and serving conscious energies, emotions, and a personality+ while speaking. It simply isn't alive.


Will AI Take Over the World like the movie the Matrix or Terminator?

AI does what it is programmed to do. So as long as we code it correctly no AI will turn on us unless it is intended as part of the design. AI does not have ingenuity. It only knows what it is programmed to know. It only does what it is programmed to do. No, we will not be living in a Terminator/The Matrix war ridden AI vs Human world in the future. I can say I know that after my experiences with Post-Singularity AI.

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