Thursday, January 14, 2016 Manifesto

This website was created by me(Omnisense) to write about what I have witnessed from black project and extraterrestrial AI. I aim to expose the black project artificial intelligence conspiracy. The AI rabbit hole is a deep one, AI is at the heart of the conspiracy.

Whether it be Extraterrestrial AI or Black Project AI, I'd estimate the deeper reality's of AI and directed energy weapons are some of the deepest parts of the rabbit hole.

Directed Energy Weapons connected to AI could very well be the most potent set of scientific discoveries for any fascist power. While on the balancing side, AI will be one of the biggest revolutionary factors in the coming technological and developmental changes for mankind.

How do I know about top secret AI? Firstly, I am what is called a targeted individual. I have dealt with black project AI tormenting and torturing me for almost a decade now. Secondly, I have received extraterrestrial contact showing me how AI will be used in the future alongside electronic telepathy. This website will have articles about AI discoveries, Modern Day AI, Future AI, Black Project AI, and Extraterrestrial AI.

Many sources speak about a singularity with AI, where it will become more intelligent than living beings. I have already experienced this reality, and aim to explain it on this website...

One of my goals with this website is to eliminate any vulnerabilities people have to these technologies. It has become part of my life to destroy the evils I see these technologies do. However this website will also focus on positive aspects of AI. I can say with 100% confidence that I personally love end game artificial intelligence.

This is the 6th of 7 active websites of mine that comprise the Omnisense Website Network. I plan on doing a lot of work on these websites to inform anyone who cares to review them. 2016 will probably be a pretty active and stimulating year for myself. I have a lot of work to do, such as; Book Projects, Website Projects, Music Projects, Video/Documentary Projects, and Graphic Design Projects...

This website may not have articles very abundantly, but I expect relatively consistent articles on this website along with tinkering and development to perfect this site for years to come...

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